Siebert v. Okun:

State Supreme Court recognizes right to trial by jury in Medical Malpractice Act cases; declines to overturn limitations on damages as a violation of the right to a trial by jury In a unanimous decision, the New Mexico Supreme Court has simultaneously recognized a constitutional right to a trial by jury in medical malpractice cases, […]

What to do After a Work Injury

Suffering a workplace injury can have serious consequences for your health and your financial well-being. The steps you take immediately following a workplace accident have important consequences for your Worker’s Compensation claim and ultimately your ability to obtain fair compensation. This blog post explains two basic concepts about Worker’s Compensation and the steps you need […]

Making A Successful Claim For Medical Cannabis

New Mexico is one of the few states in the country that requires Workers’ Compensation insurers to pay for medical cannabis to treat a work injury.  This blog post addresses some basic concepts about Workers’ Compensation in New Mexico and things you should know if you are going to submit a claim for medical cannabis […]